About Me

Hey, thanks for checking out my site! I wanted to start this site as a way for friends and family members to easily find my articles, but I might as well introduce myself to the people who stumble upon it randomly…

I grew up in Redmond, Wash., where I attended Redmond High School. After graduating in 2000, I went to Central Washington University where I majored in communications—specializing in print journalism—and minored in sociology.

After graduating from Central, my friends and I stole a garden gnome and took a road trip to California, where we ran into Paris Hilton at a gas station. She took a picture with the gnome, it wound up in People Magazine and we gave the gnome and a photo album of his adventures back to the owner. Shortly after, it turned into a local news story and then into a national story. We got flown out to New York City to be on Good Morning America. I know it was on April 15, 2005 because we went to this game after the filming.

My love for writing began when those same friends and I started a photocopied punk rock magazine in high school. In college, I realized that I’d much rather write about baseball. After graduating, I eventually got a job with a trio of small newspapers north of Seattle. I mostly had to cover city council meetings and other local news, but in July of 2008, I was able to land an internship with Baseball America. So I quit my job and moved nearly 3,000 miles away from my wife to pursue my dream job. I mostly covered the draft, but all the writers at BA do a little bit of everything. I had five great years at BA, but eventually it became too hard to be so far away from friends and family and my wife and I moved back home to Seattle during the summer of 2013.

When I’m not working, I love spending quality time with my wife and playing with our dog. Here’s a little bit more about myself…

  • Favorite bands: Gatsbys American Dream, NOFX, & The Wonder Years
  • Favorite movies: The Big Lebowski, Office Space & Groundhog Day
  • Favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld & Modern Family
  • Favorite restaurants: Thanh Vi (Seattle), The Backyard BBQ Pit (Durham) & Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill (Juno Beach, Fla.)